Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Huge Thanks To You

My husband joined the Army in late 2013. When we became a military family we had to face a great deal of adjustment and sacrifices. When I wasn't able to accept a transfer with work due to his intense schedule we faced our biggest struggle. This was a huge loss to our family financially and we've been playing catch up ever since.

This year, despite our best efforts, we knew Christmas was going to be VERY limited on our part. We have amazing family that did more than their part in spoiling our children and we appreciate it so much. But, I was so ashamed and disappointed we couldn't do more for our kids.

My husband was able to sign us up for the Christmas House program and what a blessing it was. The volunteers were great while we chose gifts and stocking stuffers for all three littles. We were even able to get a bone and toy for both of our dogs. And these were VERY nice gifts. Before leaving we also put in for different drawings on bigger gifts. Since MD's bike is...I think...3 years old and missing the rubber from the handlebars and covered in rust we chose to put all 3 entries into a bike for her...AND won it!

I cannot express how much this all meant to my family. Someday when they are old enough I cannot wait to tell them about our Christmas and the wonderful people who made donations and volunteered, making it more than perfect for them. The look on their faces when seeing our tree made me melt. It was amazing and I will forever be grateful.

Much Love. Heather.

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