Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Birthday on a Budget!

Well, it's official. Baby Diva is 1!

I'm so excited to watch her grow but I'm so devastated it's happening so fast. She is my last little and I treasure her milestones so much because of it.

We had a small party with our close friends. We let the kiddos play and had cake and ice cream. Baby Diva had so much fun crawling around after the kids and entertaining the adults...that is all she needed to keep busy. She is definitely a people person, even if she's being a sass.


An amazing friend made a beautiful cake and cupcakes and I pieced together decorations from Target for a great price. How cute is this cake topper I scored in the party section for just a few bucks?

It was small, but amazing. We have great friends to share these memories with and we appreciate it. I cannot wait to make a Photo Book on Shutterfly for Baby Diva. PS. you can get 50% off hard cover photo books right now!

Shutterfly Photo Books 468x60

Baby Diva is taking a few steps at a time. Says HI with great enthusiasm, Cheese for pictures, Mom, Dada, More, Sit, Ruff and a bunch of gibberish I can associate with what she is trying to say :) She climbs all over everything and is a sassy daredevil. She fits more personality into her compact little self than anyone could imagine. We are so blessed to have her and this last year it has been amazing to watch her grow. Now, if you will excuse me it's someones nap time.

much love

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mini Diva Maternity Images

Alright guys, by now you should know I'm always late...for everything! Posts included!

In all fairness it has been a busy, busy couple of weeks!

 I had a friend ask if I would do her maternity photos! I said no way at first! I have no clue what I'm doing and that is a lot of time on her part if she doesn't like them! But, she convinced me and we had a really fun day with it! Plus, look how happy this mama-to-be is!

We braved the Georgia heat and hiked around the swamp a little. I love taking my kids here and wandering for hours. It's such a beautiful place and I love the trails...but oh my gosh did we sweat it out, HA! We had talked about doing her photos here for quite a while and I was hoping it would cool down a little before we went. No such luck!

We had discussed whether or not the whole family would make the trip to the swamp with us and I'm glad we decided not to. It would have been a long morning for her littles and it allowed me extra time and attention to spend on her and that baby bump! Trust me, I needed it!

Take a look, let me know what you think and tell me what you love(if anything, haha!)


                        Shutterfly Photo Books 468x60


Much Love Divas!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

2 Treats For My Sweets!

Both my older littles love to help in the kitchen when we are making snacks for the day. This makes it extra fun to come up with new, but simple, ideas to try out!

We've done the Nutella Croissants a couple of times now and the kids absolutely love them; especially MD! They are great, easy to make and VERY inexpensive!

Lay them out, spread with Nutella and bake the crescent rolls according to directions!

MD's little brother eats a PB&J at least once a day. He is the pickiest eater I know and I feel awful making him the same thing over and over so we switch it up a bit. Today, we did a PB&J roll up and MD's little brother made it himself! Which is the highlight of any 3 year olds day! 

How cute is he with all that concentration! I truly believed he loved it so much more because he made it himself! Don't be afraid to try new things and to practice patience by letting the kiddos try to do things on their own. Now a days we are always in such a hurry to get things done that we forget how easy it is to enjoy them! 

Much Love XOXO