Friday, January 30, 2015

...And he's back!!!

We are so happy to have MD's daddy back! He's only home for a short time before he leaves on his

next adventure but we are sure going to enjoy it! We went to a little restaurant on post for dinner since it was later in the evening and I didn't feel like cooking and it was chaos...we can always count on MD's little brother to make a scene wherever we go, ha!

MD's daddy brought us back some really cool souvenirs. Some sea glass and sea shells plus a shirt and a nice cup for my tea! They were working 24/hrs so it was super nice of him to go out of his way to get us gifts on the few hours he did get to get away! Our family loved going and hunting down cool sea shells when we lived in florida and making crafts with them so I can't wait to make something with these!

I worked on framing some of his certificates and awards while he was away. I still have a lot to go but oh my gosh do frames get expensive when you are buying more than one at a time! I still have to try and figure out a unique way to display his coins. I know they make cases but I was hoping to find a cool DIY idea to try out! Let me know if you have any good ideas on displaying awards, certificates and coins!

And of course what would a Diva Blog be without a little outfit inspiration! For a wee one MD wears a lot of black, but in the most appropriate way. How cute is this black and gold polka dot tutu skirt we snagged for $3 at target on clearance! The tights, also from Target and super adorable and sparkly! And a fun fishtail braid that MD often refers to as an Elsa Braid when she requests it. 

Next week I have a lot of exciting things happening. I've got a few businesses sending products for MD and her baby sister to test out and us write up reviews for! I'm very excited to take our blog to the next level with product reviews and hopefully MD landing some brand rep gigs! We also have a HUGE announcement to make regarding MD but want to hold out until all the paperwork is finished! Stay tuned, share, comment and engage my friends. I'm signing off early so I can go spend some time with the Hubby! Much Love!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Final Countdown

Well, we've found out that MD's daddy will be home SOON and we've got our countdown made! MD
loves when we make her little countdowns to cross off or pull down days so she can keep track of how many days until an event takes place. We have done this other times her daddy has been away, when family comes to visit and when her baby sister was due. She feels like a big girl coming and telling us ONLY 5 DAYS UNTIL (EXCITING EVENT), rather than repeatedly asking how many days left! Don't judge our artistic abilities based off this countdown, ha! I was VERY pregnant, very sick and had bells palsy so I was not up to parr :) Do you have any traditions/crafts you love doing with your little ones? We're always looking for new fun projects to take on(because we aren't busy enough, hehe)!

Last night I got an email from Molly Van Kley. She is the amazingly talented photographer who we shot MD's portfolio photos with and I've been so anxious for her to send her shots! I was definitely not disappointed! It was the first time sweet Molly had ever shot a mini-model-to-be but you would think it's what she's spent her whole career doing! I am in love with the images and so excited to reach out to agencies! By the way, if you are aware of any great children's modeling agencies I would LOVE a heads up! Here are the images we received. You can also see more of Molly Van Kley's work at or on Facebook at


MD had to miss cheer this Wednesday as I have a stomach bug. I felt horrible since they were going over their competition score cards, making routine changes and having a little party! I can't wait to see what routine improvements they make! This is MD and her good friend on the day of cheer tryouts almost a year ago and then at MD's 1st competition. Her friend is a little bit older and on a youth 2 team while MD is on the mini team! Here is a cute pic of MD and their trophy!  It cracks me up that the other girls look annoyed waiting for their turn to take a photo ;) She has been blessed with a great team of the most adorable and sweet teammates!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Better Late Than Never (My life motto)

You know, I'm late for just about everything and this post is no exception!

Haha, we had an extremely busy week and weekend! MD had her very first cheerleading competition this weekend. We headed down the night before since they had to be to the competition by 6:30am! We had a fun time grabbing some pizza with a few of the other families from MD's cheer team. The girls had so much fun together and it was adorable seeing my MD enjoying time with her friends. It made me more aware of just how grown up she is becoming. It is just amazing to see what a beautiful little person she is.

MD rode to the competition with a friend and the team mom! I stayed behind to pack the room and get the little ones ready to go! I was nervous letting little MD venture to her first big event without me but there is no way her little brother would have been up, ready and behaving by then! My best friend who I cheered with as a little girl made it here for MD's first competition and it just so happens we had our babies on the very same day! So we used our Ergo and Tula to wear the babies to the competition!  Just as I suspected nerves set in for my diva girl and she started getting upset. She was nervous and so sad her daddy was missing her first competition. My sweet friend and her husband were nice enough to give MD a little extra attention and some hugs to cheer her up. Sometimes it's the littlest things that make you realize you have such kind people around you but the fact they shared their attention with MD means the world to me!

THE GIRLS NAILED THEIR ROUTINE!!! No dropped stunts, no one fell and everyone remembered the routine! I'm so proud of these crazy munchkins! The other teams looked a bit older than our team and after watching all the teams in their category perform I knew we weren't getting first but that they did very well! Especially since the other teams were bigger in size!

We were so pumped for the award ceremony! The girls went on at 8:28 and awards were at 10:45! We got to watch a lot of teams in that time frame including some specials teams. How amazing and adorable! I never even knew these existed! Much love to those teams and those who work with them! Finally, awards time came and MD's team placed SECOND! WOOHOO!!! 2nd at their very first competition, YAY! MD is so proud of her 2nd place medal she begged me to wear it to school, ha! The team moms put together some awesome goodie bags for the girls with monogrammed blankets, sleep masks, pillows with bows sewn on and lots of goodies! It came in a super cute bag with their gym logo on it!! So nice of them to put the effort in! Here is MD enjoying her goodies on the drive home from the competition, haha! She will hate me some day for sharing but it's way too adorable and funny! 

We should be getting MD's daddy back this weekend and we are so so excited! I plan on super cleaning the house (not that he notices I scrubbed the baseboards lol) and maybe getting a new bed set and a couple new frames for our bedroom! 

Don't forget to check out a few of MD's looks from the past week on Diva's Daily Garb!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Halfway Hold Up!

It's before 9pm and I managed to get all the kids to sleep...SO I can throw a half way to the weekend  update at you! 


 Well, Miss MD lost her very first tooth on Monday night! She is so excited and has another tooth that will be falling out shortly! I was so worried that these teeth were going to fall out before her photoshoot with , I don't know how they have lasted this long! Tonight, I get to play the tooth fairy for the very first time! I'm a little nervous, ha! I don't want to wake her!

While my blog is very much so centered on MD I just had to share with you all my "old school faux pas" from yesterday! Blue tank with blue and cream cardigan and black leggings and black and brown boots. Black, brown and blue all in one outfit! I thought it was funny after I got dressed so wanted to share ;) I believe all these fashion no-no's have disappeared! 

Since the main focus of the blog is sweet and sassy MD and her diva ways I've decided to keep you up to date on her most recent looks! Check out her Daily Garb to see what the little fashionista is sporting!

Not everyone is sad MD's daddy is away. Our GSD, Sergeant is currently loving it in fact. We (mostly him) are not into letting the dogs on the beds but when he's away Sarge knows he can get away with just about anything! MD has another dog, too! A rescue named Kai! We are huge animal lovers in this house and my ultimate goal is to have a rescue of my own some day! If you have any experience starting a non profit/rescue PLEASE feel free to share any advice or information! It's something that is a few years away but I know it will make my life and hopefully hundreds of others complete!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

MLK Weekend

Wow, I thought last weekend was busy...This weekend was pure chaos. 

First, MD's daddy had some things come up at work so rather than a 4 day weekend he has worked all weekend in preparation to leave us :(. It has been up in the air when he was leaving but now we know it's Soon! We don't know where he's going or when he's coming back and greatly appreciate prayers! 

Let me just tell you....Doing it all on your own with 3 is so 
much harder than 2 for some reason! Once again MD had 
a saturday cheer practice! Luckily it was 1-3 so we didn't 
have to be up at 6am to get ready for this one, ha!
They learned the ending of their routine and it is so stinking
 cute! We signed a contract stating we wouldn't show routine 
videos, so here is a cute pic of MD in her cheer uniform! 
So we spent the afternoon at Target while MD was at cheer! This weekend they have a great selection of clearance clothes with an additional 20% cartwheel! We got MD some shirts for less than $2! I didn't get much of a chance to look through the adult clothes since MD's little brother was restless but the cartwheel discount applies to ALL clearance clothing and ends today! Target is one of my fave couponing places :) The pic on the left is a shirt I got her from clearance and I just Love it! The Bow on the right is an accessory we won from Megan's Hair Candy! Check her stuff out on instagram @meganshaircandy or her etsy shop

(Sorry for the blurry pic, but it was MD in true MD form, haha) RIGHT after cheer we raced off to MD's friends birthday party! It was an adorable Frozen party at this really cool pottery place and the kids got to make plates with either olaf or a handprint snowflake! MD and her little brother had a blast and I'm so glad we were able to make it. This place still doesn't quite feel like HOME but I'm glad to have met some of the other amazing mom/friends I have! I need to get out of the house more often so I remember this!

We skipped out on Church today. We are all exhausted and want to spend time together before MD's Daddy leaves. Plus, we have to go find him a little notebook he can bring with for skyping and finish his packing! He's totally anti-social media so he won't read this and I can tell you all my little secret. I did most of his early on packing since we thought he was just going to have time to grab a bag and hop on the plane. I hid little notes all over in his pockets saying we loved him and missed him, etc! Well then the a-hole comes home and starts rearranging everything packing new stuff and pulling out the stuff I already packed HAHA. Great, now I have to find a way to be sneaky and get the notes into the new pockets! 

Since I have you all here I'm going to open myself up to ridicule! I am taking some photography classes this semester as it's required for my degree (starting in Feb) and bought my camera last semester so I could practice. I want to be able to take my own photos of the kids! This is one I did of MD's little sister last week. Just in our home, using a flat sheet and natural lighting. Let me know what you think, where I can improve and any other tips you might be able to offer me! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diva days

Just a midweek post to keep you entertained :) 

MD has cheer Wednesday's so after school we grab her a quick snack, change clothes and head out! Her team is learning the last bit of their routine today! Just a couple of weeks until their very first competition and I am so so excited for them! 

we got report cards yesterday and MD Is doing great! She absolutely loves learning and is always thrilled to show and tell us everything she's soaking up! Here's her school look today! Top from old navy, David Bitton jeans, links shoes! 

We did a quick rope braid in her hair to keep her bangs out of her face! 

MD and I have embarked on a new journey! We have started exploring yoga and she absolutely love love loves it! It is a great mommy daughter activity, it is relaxing and will help improve her flexibility! 

She is doing great! You won't be seeing any photos of me doing yoga haha! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

Well, now that it is Sunday evening I can finally take a deep breath and relax! What a weekend we had with our busy, busy MD! We had a pretty easy Friday after the kiddos got home from school and just watched a movie with an early bed time knowing we had to be up early but Saturday had me wore right out! MD had to be to her cheer gym by 8 for all morning practice! I snuck away for a quick coffee break at a nearby Starbucks but got to watch a lot of the practice. The girls are working so hard and have made huge improvements, I'm so proud of their dedication. Cheerleading involves a lot of talents (tumbling, dancing and stunting to name a few) and for such young girls to work all of this together is so awesome. It's only 2 weeks until their first competition, Cheersport Regional's, and they are making some major routine changes! After their practice we had a quick parent meeting then raced home to feed little MD! 
Then we were back out the door to our friend Molly's ( for a photo shoot! Molly is doing MD's portfolio for us and helping guide us to agencies! MD was so excited for her day in the spotlight and absolutely loves Molly! She is so excited to work toward a modeling career but has told me time and time again her REAL dream is to be a rock star. Who am I to tell her no, ha! Buuuut she is 6, she is a diva and she did have over 3 hours of cheer so by the end of the day she was WORE OUT! It was a bit chilly during her outdoor photos and she was so over it. Thank goodness Molly was patient and thank goodness I had nerds in the car! Here is an iPhone pic I took of MD. Her faux fur is from H&M, Dress from Target. The talented Nicollette did Hair & Make up! Molly Styled MD!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey, Thanks for stopping by!

Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out MD and my little virtually diary! We are so excited to share this fun project with each other and with you! We hope you enjoy and have fun with it! 

MD got to sport her Chunky scarf and mittens this morning. These were a home made gift she got from a Minnesota wedding she was a flower girl in! Her faux leather jacket is from target! Ha, she wasn't quite ready for a pic but I had to be quick! Her dad and brother were leaving without her ;) 

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