About MD (Mini Diva)

Hey Everyone! I'm Heather, MD's Mom and I'll be sharing our stories here with you! I'm currently a stay at home mom finishing up a Bachelors in Graphic Communication! On our Blog we will be sharing with you our adventures, outfits, hairstyles and even where to find great prices on some of the pieces MD loves! We are so excited to be sharing this journey with each other and with you! Thanks for checking us out, sharing and commenting...we appreciate it!
MD is my first born(out of 3) and is my best friend! My sweet and sassy MD! She is a loving, caring and independent 6 year old who is conquering Kindergarten. She has a style of her own and I'm just here to help her enhance it. She loves a bit of a punk look filled with animal prints and accessories! I love encouraging her to be herself, to think outside of the box, to be a creative and kind soul filled with confidence! She is an amazing big sister who is always willing to lend a helping hand. 
She is enjoying her first go as a competitive cheerleader this year! She works very hard at this and spends many hours at home practicing! She doesn't know she's practicing, she does it for fun, ha! She is also a mini fitness junkie and loves working out with mom or dad and has no problem keeping up! The kid can do handstand push ups for crying out loud! 
From the day we brought her into this world we knew she'd find a way to leave her mark. She loves to entertain and make others laugh even if it's at her expense. And what is life if we can't laugh at ourselves?! Join us on this journey and we'll teach you how to bring it on a budget, enjoy the little things and make memories that last!

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