Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Diva Desperation!

Divas, Divas, Divas...

I had a HUGE slap in the face this weekend! And it came from my sweet, precious, beautiful little Diva. 

Her friend got into town a day early after being away for over 6 months and she was THRILLED. After a fun sleepover at our house we decided to go to the mall the next day, I needed a new blouse for work. But first the girls were desperate for some lunch. After a little whining and complaining and back and forth on ideas we decided PF Changs. YUM, right?!

We weren't even seated five minutes before MD started throwing a fit. I mean it was like a tantrum from a toddler. She didn't want to share lettuce wraps with me, she wanted her own plate, she wanted orange chicken(which she actually had at home) and it went on and on. 


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Listen here sassafras. There are families who can't afford to go out to eat! Heck, half the time we can't afford to go out to eat! There are children all over this country, THIS WORLD who are literally starving. You are blessed and don't you forget that! Here we are at the mall eating PF Changs about to go find you a new lipgloss to buy and YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN?!

...and the worst part is I know it's my fault. We have been spoiling the children rotten lately and holding back from getting on to them. Making excuses for them about our busy schedules and our lack of sleep. 
So, I'm here to ask you all for advice! What do you all do to help your little remain humble and grateful? To remind them they are blessed? I'm thinking a rewards program is in order! Rewards for good behaviors and chores! But, I don't want them to believe they must be rewarded for good behavior vs just being good because it's the right thing to do! 

Looking forward to a follow up on this one...

Much Love, 


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  1. Oye. I have no advice but I definitely fear the day that my daughter acts the same way. If Grace is anything like me... I am in for one hell of a ride. Good luck mama.